Bull Shark Facts

Here are some awesome facts about bull sharks. Bull sharks are the only sharks that can swim in fresh and salt water. Bull sharks have 5 gills. Bull sharks have sharp teeth to catch prey. Bull sharks can bump sharks or divers.Bull sharks can grow up to be about 7 to 10 feet long.Like other sharks attack bull sharks attack more oftenย  then other sharks because they are most aggressive sharks. They get there names by its strong body like a bulls body. Some bull sharks have been seen living in Lake Nicaragua. Bull sharks often lurk in shallow waters where humans swim. Bull sharks eat birds, fish (sharks), turtles, dolphins, and dead whales. Bull sharks can swim hundreds of miles up rivers, such as the Mississippi river and the Amazon river. Bull sharks do not have bones. They have something called cartilage. Cartilage is more flexible then bone and it helps the sharks move and turn quickly in the water. Bull sharks have small eyes because they live in the muddy shallow waters their eye site is not the best for hunting. Bull sharks also have rough skin covered in denticles. This makes their skin strong and hard to tear. The bull shark is a strong, powerful aggressive hunter. There are some AMAZING facts about bull sharks!

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